Thematic areas

áreas temáticas

As in previous editions, the Conference will take a multi-disciplinary and open approach to those subjects and areas related to the world of open source software innovation. The content of this year’s program will be based on five key areas that will include the most relevant aspects of the open source software ecosystem, from an end user’s standpoint through to the technical and business perspective.

Migrations of open source software

  • Success cases in migrations (public administrations, education, enterprises, etc.)
  • Technology and process change management.
  • Business opportunities.
  • Sustainability and savings.
  • Open source policies.

Applications and Solutions

  • Web development / Content management systems
  • ERP, BI, B2B and decision support systems
  • Open Source model companies.
  • Cloud Computing / Virtualization / Supercomputing.
  • Green IT / Sustainability / Efficient energy use.
  • Mobility.

Business models in the field of open source software

  • Legal framework / Licensing / Patent rights.
  • Internationalization / External trade.
  • Business opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurship in open source.

R&D in the field of open source software

  • R&D at University.
  • R&D in corporate sector.
  • Public-private partnership. Technology transfer.

Open Government, OpenData & Digital Governance