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If the contents that the Open Source World Conferece are of your interest and you don´t want to miss what´s going to be the biggest world event on this subject you can sign up on our Sign Up section. With a program oriented towards the business world and public administrations, the OSWC 2012 edition offers lectures and work sessions focused on the professionals of this field. Under the motto “A new business”, the Conference is going to be mostly, on this occasion, a forum and meeting point for company professionals and suppliers of technological services and Public Administrations, and for this reason, is going to have a clear orientation towards the business aspect and particularly to the possibilities of externalizing the markets for the field companies that work with open source software.
The goal is to encourage the cooperation between companies in a way that they can share knowledge and experiences and join efforts to develop common and interesting projects with a wider commercial projection.
In either case, if you’re a open source software user and the subjects that are going to be mentioned on the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos de Granada interest you, you can access the Virtual Conference, that is going to be transmitted thru live streaming on the internet. The virtual OSWC, will offer online contents, specific for this format, and the viewers will be able to interact with the speakers, talk to them in real time, ask questions and debate about open source with people from all around the world.