Granada is going to be Más Digital

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Granada during the month of January is going to the the worldwide capital of new technologies. Under the motto MÁS DIGITAL, the andalusian city is going to host two high-level events: The Open Source World Conference, one of the biggest events that promote a sustainable technological model based on open standards; and the Guadalinfo Dynamizers Meeting, the andalusian social public network. You can´t miss this event, held on the 12th and 13th of January in the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos de Granada.
MÁS DIGITAL is in an unprecedented initiative and an opportunity to combine the knowledge of the best of each event in one single space: strategic contests, current times and trends, perspectives, exchange of experiences and business development. In the proximities of the Open Source World Conference and the Guadalinfo Dynamizers Meeting  are also going to be held high-level parallel events; amongst them the World Wide Consortion (W3C), the Telecentros State Congress, the International Public Software (IPS), and the European Union’s ISA.
OSWC 2012
The OSWC has grown, after six editions, into a national and international reference event in the realm of Open Source software. The meeting, organized by the Junta de Andalusia, in collaboration with CENATIC and the Government of Extremadura, exceeded the 80.000 viewers in the 2008 edition and has become the meeting point for everyone interested in the field of free software innovation: users, social agents, developers, businessmen, investors and public responsibility representatives.
In the 2012 edition, the Conference is going to be a forum and meeting point for professionals belonging to user and supplier companies of technological services and Public Administrations, and so, it will be oriented towards the company business aspect.
The Guadalinfo Dynamizers Meeting (Encuentro de Dinamizadores Guadalinfo) is going to be held along side the Telecentros State Congress with the objective of learning from the project, a social innovation public network that works openly and cooperatively to detect and boost people’s talents and ideas, in order of creating teams that complement each other to start more ambitions projects, speed the changes, ensure useful accomplishments and set new goals.
With over a thousand professionals that work in 756 centers where more than 600.000 users have passed through, and with a virtual network that exceeds the 700.000, Guadalinfo facilitates the creation and identification of citizenship ideas, and offers them tools, connections and training to solidify (thru ICT) in order of accelerating its transforming impact in Andalusia.