Open Source software stategies in Latinamérica

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The International Public Software, a project promoted by CLAD, the Latin American Development Administration Center (in spanish Centro Latinoamericano de Administración para el Desarrollo) and backed by the UN’s PNUD program (the United Nations for Development Program) where several countries from Latin America are going to hold one of the lectures of Más Digital during the 13th of January, as part of the 2012 Open Source World Conference.
The program, created towards the end of developing electronic government applications in a coordinated way, allows governments to maintain their technological independence and reduce the costs thanks to the usage of open source software.
The table, moderated by Alberto Barrionuevo, of Andalibre, is going to have the participation of Jorge Cabezas, secretary of the Argentinian Presidential Cabinet; Fausto Alvim, Brazil’s general coordinator of the IPS and PNUD programs; Ronal Barrientos, head of the Peruvian National Electronic Government Office; Manuel Rodríguez, director of Ecuador’s Governmental Interoperability, and Iván Patricio Astorga, Executive Secretary of Chile’s Digital Strategy.
On the day before, IPS is going to be discussed in a meeting as part of the Más Digital’s parallel events. This meeting is part of a commercial inverse mission where its members can make contact with the andalusian business sector that works with free software and establish cooperation bonds with the Junta de Andalusia. Professionals from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela, and Ecuador are going to be present.
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