Nicholas Negroponte, the Más Digital protagonist

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Nicholas Negroponte, one of the “fathers” of digital technology and creator of the MIT’s Media Laboratory, is going to be Friday the 13th of January’s protagonist of Más Digital, in the 2012 Guadalinfo Dynamizers Meeting held alongside the 2012 Open Source World Conference. Negroponte, a pioneer in the creation of programming systems, will hold a lecture in the Más Digital plenary session.
Born in 1942, he studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he later worked as a teacher and researcher. He has also been a visiting professor at the colleges of Berkley, Michigan and Yale.
A few of his achievements are, the creation of the hardware research group (Architecture Machine Group), conducting investigation projects for the US Department of Defense’s technological development center, and also having a very important role in the creation of IBM’s first personal computer.
His most relevant contribution has been the creation of the MIT’s Media Laboratory, a leading division in the research and development of everything related with “new technology's" applications for the communications of the future, be it in the education or entertainment fields; with the availability of huge material resources, thanks to the backing of government grants and over a hundred big companies around the world, and some of the greatest talents in computer science.
The laboratory is divided in several programs, “Television of Tomorrow”, “Schools for the Future”, “Entertainment and Information Systems” and “Holography”. His business realm includes company advising, among them Motorola, and governments, partaking in conferences and forums all around the world, and apart of being one of the creators of Wired magazine, he's still a columnist. His notable communicative abilities have yet again been demonstrated in the publication of Being Digital (1995), a best seller work that reflects upon the changes of the so called “Digital Era” and has been translated to over forty languages.
In 1992, he committed himself to the creation of the specialized computer Wired Magazine as a minor investor. He’s the driving force of a project that wants to produce low cost laptops, with a cost of 100 dollars more specifically, to diminish the Digital divide in developing countries, a project he presented in the 2005 Davos world economic forum. This way, the OLPC foundation, “One laptop per children”, started by Negroponte and other members of the MIT´s Media Lab faculty, promotes the use of computers and the Internet in developing countries.