Ten reasons to take into account the OSWC

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We could give you more, but we’re giving you ten strong reasons why technological services supplier and user companies and professionals, Public Administrations and the ICT sector professionals can’t miss out on the the Open Source World Conference, included in another great event, Más Digital, organized by the Junta de Andalusia and that will also comprehend the 2012 Guadalinfo Dynamizers Meeting. This is why, the Palacio de Congresos de Granada is going to become the spotlight and meeting point for speakers, renowned personalities, companies and professionals, dynamizers and public responsibilities representatives. But the OSWC, held during the 12th and 13th of January, offers much more, also for the free software and technologies users and enthusiasts.

1. The Open Source World Conference, framed within the Más Digital event, es one of the main european events in the open source technologies realm with the participation of high-level speakers.
2. This is an unique opportunity to get to know different points of view related with free software applications in different fields, from political, to social, business, academic, scientific, and Public Administrations.
3. The lectures are going to allow making a diagnosis about the current state of Open Source software in Spain, by the hand of Miguel Jaque, from CENATIC; Paul Reverter, from CATPL Catalunya; Manuel Gutiérrez Herrera, from Guadaltel, and from the Territorial Policy Ministry.
4. Nicholas Negroponte, one of the “fathers” of digital technology and creator of the MIT’s Media Laboratory, will speak in the main Más Digital’s plenary session of the event held in Granada, in the 2012 Guadalinfo Dynamizers Meeting.
5. The event will have the participation of Colin Charles, one of the people responsible for MariaDB, a data base server derived from MySQL and licensed by GPL. The system is supported by Michale “Monty” Widenius (founder of MySQL) and by the open source software developers community.
6. This meeting will offer the best opportunity to get to know some of the most highlighted business ideas based on free software. The best ones have been selected by the jury, whose members are Sandetel, Vodafone, Telefónica, Emergya and the University of Granada.
7. The forum has set as a goal networking opportunities; the exchange of experiences and ideas in an innovative set, establish businesses, promote collaborations and alliances, etc, also interchanging experiences, collaborations and new businesses amongst the viewers.
8. The Virtual Conference will have the most relevant contents of the presential event, that this year is directed at companies and professionals of the open source software sector, and public administrations. This year´s novelty is that the Conference’s virtual space, open for on-line participation, will have more technical contents, directed towards the profile of the free software users and enthusiasts.
9. The event is going to have a strong multidisciplinary and constructive approach. Alongside the OSWC other parallel high-level event are taking place; such as the World Web Consotrion (W3W), the Telecentros State Congress, the International Public Software (IPS), or the European Union’s ISA.
10. The technological sector giants will actively participate in the Más Digital event, showing the increasing interest that companies all around the world are showing towards Open Source software.