Success on the international assimilation of open source software

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The 2012 Open Source World Conference will devote one of its tables to approach several successful cases of international introduction and assimilation regarding open source. The debate will have the participation of Deivi Lopes Kuhn, director of free software migration of the Federal Data Processing Service (Serpro), the Brazilian Government’s information and technology public company ( Lopes Kuhn, speaker for the lecture entitled “Why should South American governments migrate to open source. Reflections on the Brazilian experience”, explaining the South American country’s migration towards open source platforms. “It’s an option, that not only supposes saving money, but also allows to develop your own technology, without being simple consumers”, has recently pointed out Lopes Kuhn, who is ICT Project Coordinator in the Department of Planning and Budget of the Federal District Government.
This way, Serpro makes a strong bet in developing technological solutions based on open source software as a political strategy that allows the optimization of the public resources, increasing the exchange of knowledge, and boost the cooperation between the federal and state authorities, municipal initiatives, and also the academic and society sectors. All of it within a context that places Brazil as one of the leading states in the field of open source.
On their part, Margarita Vargas, manager of the Paraguay’s ICT Director Plan, is going to present this initiative (, a strategy born with the purpose of allowing ICTs to reach a sustainable long run development in Paraguay. The plan, that concluded its first stage January 2011, is based on using open source software and its applications in the educational, sanitary, public, economical and social sectors. And for that, through the Master Plan, a current diagnosis has been outlined of the ICTs situation in Paraguay, with the goal of setting the challenges the country must face to achieve its objectives, and also to set short, medium, and long run action plans.
The table will be moderated by Ramón Ramón, international consultant of Information Technologies and spokesman and founder of Iniciativa Focus.