Free Software indicators panel, debated

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The CENATIC’s National Open Source Software Observatory (ONSFA, in spanish Observatorio Nacional del Software de Fuentes Abiertas), has set in motion the Open Source Software Indicators Panel in Spain, a system that collects, analyses and spreads quantitative information related with free software in Spain. The data collected into this system offers useful information on getting to know in detail the current situation of the open source software’s market in Spain, from the perspective of the supply offered by the computer service sector, and also from the perspective of the demand, be it from Administrations, companies or from the general public. The data interpretation with serve as a guideline to one of the 2012 Open Source World Conference (OSWC) debate tables. The debate will have the participation of  Miguel Jaque, from CENATIC; Josep Figols, president of CatPL Catalunya, and Manuel Gutiérrez Herrera, president of Guadaltel.
In the course of the debate, the data gathered by the 2011 Open Source Software in the State’s General Administration Survey (ESFA-AGE), with the objective of knowing the Spanish Public Administration free software’s use, also foreseeing acquisitions, practices and policies related with the public acquisition of software, the liberalization and reutilization of applications, will identify the adoption barriers of this type of technologies for the Spanish State’s General Administrative Organisms. In order to obtain this information, around 100 computer units are going to be interviewed through out the different Spanish Government Ministries, and also the Autonomic Organisms and State Agencies dependent of ministry departments.
Regarding the second survey set in motion, the 2011 Open Source Software in the Spanish IT sector Survey (ESFA-TI), its objective is to gather data about the characteristics of the spanish technological sector’s companies, such as business models, revenue, product typology, the employment created, type of clients, aspects regarding training and certification, and also getting to know the sector’s opinion about free technologies and foreseeing their future. To gather this information, 1.800 surveys are going to be conducted in the spanish computer services companies, that carry out data processing activities, hosting, web portals, and related activities (CNAE-621), programming, consultancy, and other computer science related activities (CNAE-62) and editing computer programs (CNAE-582).