OpenData, a business opportunity

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The practice based on some data being available for free for everybody, without copyright restrictions, patent or other forms of control, is otherwise known as OpenData, and is going to be the theme of one of the discussion tables of the 2012 Open Source World Conference (OSWC) held in Granada. The participants of this debate are going to be the company Atos; Guzmán Garmendia, managing director of the Open Government of the Government of Navarra; José Luis Marín, CEO of Euroalert, and José Antonio Recio, from Fundecyt - Junta de Extremadura.
The OpenData movement advocates that the traditional limitations in the broadcasting of information is against the common good and that this data must be made available to the public, considering either that it's information that belongs to society or that it's data created by public administrations, and so, belongs to everyone. Also is going to be brought up on the table the fact that opening public data closes a huge potential to create revenue.
Regarding this aspect, the Atos representatives are going to sustain that opening the data of the public sector can increase the development of the ICT sector, and at the same time supposes an equal opportunity for enterprising companies, that will receive revenue from the public data, and also for the administrations. This line of business, yet to be defined, emphasizes on the need of cooperation between both public and private sectors.
José Luis Marín, CEO of Euroalert, is going to exemplify this reality detailing the experience of his company, that has a business model based on public data. And also, José Antonio Recio, from Fundecyt-Junta Extremadura, and Guzmán Garmendia, managing director of the Open Government of the Government of Navarra, are going to share their vision regarding the public administrations, being both responsible for two projects that are already betting for the usage of OpenData.