WôÓS, Glob3, Xoowe and Servotic, new ideas for open source software

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The 2012 Open Source World Conference (OSWC) is dedicating one of its most stimulating tables on the 13th of January to the presentation of four business “startups” projects based on open source. The projects have been selected from the proposals sent by their promoters in last December’s open call for the OSWC, which are WôÓS, Glob3, Xoowe and Servotic. Each project’s responsible team is going to present their business ideas to a panel of experts that will conduct a series of questions after the presentation and give them some advices and guidance as how to start the projects.
The first one, WôÓS, is based on setting in motion a free operating system with no cost for the users, capable of using applications and drivers compatible with Windows. The system, designed from scratch by the WôÓS promoting team, doesn't need a special training  to be used and has been recently  selected as one of the top fifteen business projects in Spain, and at the same time winning first prize in the Yuzz program for Sevilla´s young entrepreneurs. Their idea crossed borders, when last September Dimitry Medvedev , Russia´s president, met with the WôÓS team to study the possibility of implementing the new operating system in Russian administrations. 
The second business proposal, Glob3, is a I+D project, open source licensed, that has received funding from the Industrial Technological Development Center, (CDTI, in spanish, Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial) and has won the XXI Enterprising award, given by La Caixa and the National Innovation Company (ENISA, is spanish, Empresa Nacional de Innovación). The business idea, a finalist in the Venture Lab from IE Business School, bases it strength in a complete open source RCP that creates SIG 3D multi-platform applications that operate on the web through Java applets.
Xoowe, on the other hand, works as a mass communication oriented towards events, that offers useful information in real-time for the event viewers, allowing their socialization. And so, the whole project is based on free software, from the cloud’s server farms through a Linux environment to the developing “frameworks” used, such as rails or rhomobile. At he same time, the promoters are looking to free every development and content as possible.
And finally, Servotic‘s team is going to present their project to the expert panel. Their proposal is based on developing a CDN service that allows the user to decide what servers are the ones that are going to offer the contents depending on the location of the final client, all of it with the convenience of the cloud's storage.
The expert panel will be consisted by Daniel Ortega Trujillo, Sandetel’s managing director; Juan Julián Merelo, director of the Open Source Office (Oficina de Software Libre) of the University of Granada; José María Lamela, business and development manager for Vodafone; a member of Telefónica, and Víctor Fernández, director of Emergya.