The universities, also present in the OSWC

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The 2012 Open Source World Conference (OSWC) is going to dedicate one of its tables to the open source technology development in the university sphere. So, during the 13th of January a debate will be held with the presence of Francisco Triguero, secretary general of Universities, Investigation and Technology for the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Science; Juan Julián Merelo, professor,  holder and responsible for the Free Software Office of the University of Granada; Elena Marrero Méndez and Pablo Suárez Hernández, from the University of La Laguna, and Manuel  Palomo Duarte, director of the Free Software and Open Knowledge office of the University of Cadiz. Also participating in this meeting are the Universities of Salamanca and Cordoba.
The faculties, as centers for information diffusion, have invested in a clear way towards reaching the largest digital alphabetization quotas through tools such as free software, the production of contents, and also the diffusion of their own course and research material. To carry on this strategy, the centers have incorporated specially prepared offices to their computer science departments to develop open source technologies.
To do so, the University of Granada counts with the Free Software Office, which holds as its main objective to encourage the knowledge of Free Software and its implications in and outside the realm of ICTs (Information and Communications Technology).
In the University of Cadiz, the project is focused on boosting the faculty role as a source of knowledge and innovation promoting education with ethically positive aspects, favoring the development of the local software industry, therefore minimizing subordination and dependency of outside suppliers.
The University of Salamanca, on their part, amplified their project by creating the Open Knowledge Office. A structure created to promote the OPEN movement within the University, with strategies focused on Free Software, open diffusion of course material, also known as Open Course Ware (OCW), and the development of Open Science, the free diffusion of scientific investigation.
Also, the Universities of Cordoba and La Laguna are going to be present to show the objectives and strategies that they are carrying out in their Free Software departments, working towards the creation, study and diffusion of this tool in a way that can benefit positively the entire society.