Over 2.000 people are going to turn Granada into the open source capital of the world celebrating the Más Digital event

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During this weekend, Granada is going to catch the world’s attention related with free software and new technologies celebrating the Más Digital event, that will gather during the 12th and 13th of January over 2.000 people in the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos of the Andalusian city. The forum, organized by the Junta of Andalusia through the Economy, Innovation and Science Ministry, includes two high-level events: the Open Source World Conference, one of the largest european events promoting a sustainable technological model based on open standards, and the Guadalinfo Dynamizers Meeting, the public network for Andalusian social innovation.
Más Digital’s details have been presented this morning to the media in the Andalusian government headquarters by the Economy, Innovation and Science Ministry's delegate, Antonio Argüelles, and the director of the Fernando de los Ríos Consortium, Juan Francisco Delgado. Argüelles highlighted Granada’s initiative as “a unique initiative, unprecedented, where two events related with boosting new technologies and the development of the Information Society, join forces to combine opportunities with knowledge”. According to him, the Andalusian city is home for several institutions of great importance in this sector, such as the I+D Free Software Foundation, located in the Parque Tecnológico de Ciencias de la Salud (PTS, Health Sciences Technological Park); the Oficina de Software Libre (OPS, Open Source Bureau) of the University of Granada (UGR), and also the Fernando de los Ríos Consortium.
The Open Source World Conference, one of the largest european events promoting a sustainable technological model based on open standards, is being held this year under the motto” An open business”, and is going to be a forum and meeting place for professionals from technological services user and supplier companies and public administrations, with a clear orientation towards the business sphere and business development.
The meeting is going to have a preview this Wednesday, January 11th, with the gathering of open source experts, that are going to debate the possibilities surrounding this model, with the goal of outlining the “Granada’s diagnosis of the current state of free software in Spain”, a document that will set the future foundations of this sector.
Juan Francisco Delgado, on his part, has highlighted the importance of a sector that creates “five jobs for each one created in the rest of the economy”, and so, he defended that “Más Digital is a unique opportunity to create employment and businesses”. The Guadalinfo network is gathering its members under the motto “Innovate+Transform Andalusia”, in order to share experiences and knowledge around the work this public social innovation network develops, present in every Andalusian town with a population under 20.000.
Speakers, renowned personalities, companies and professionals, dynamizers and public administration representatives, are going to meet in Granada to participate in both events, sharing several spaces and  contents, like the main presentation, with the participation of the President of the Junta of Andalusia, José Antonio Griñán, and Nicholas Negroponte, co-founder and director of the MIT Media Lab, and main sponsor of the initiative ‘One Laptop per Child’ (OLPC), focused on reducing the digital divide that exists in underdeveloped countries, facilitating children’s access to low cost computers and its integration in a society that is becoming more global every day that goes by thanks to the Internet.    
In parallel, surrounding both events other high-level meetings are taking place; the World Wide Web Consortium (W3W), the Telecentros state congress, the International Public Software (SPI, in spanish Software Público Internacional), or the European Union’s ISA. The synergy obtained from all of these meetings will allow accomplishing a bigger impact and managing a budget coherent with the current economic situation.
Both meetings can be followed online, and are going to have specific spaces and contents for the Net, extending the event's participation to everyone interested even though they can´t come to Granada.