The “Más Digital” event is going to gather over 2.000 people in Granada in a great innovation and technology forum

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Más Digital will include several events, such as the Guadalinfo Dynamizers Meeting and the Open Source World Conference, taking advantage of the synergy and combining opportunities

During January 12th and 13th the city of Granada will be under the spotlight of the innovation, new technologies and open source software realms, holding the Más Digital event, organized by the Junta of Andalusia through the Economy, Innovation and Science Ministry, with the backing of the main entities and companies of the sector. Antonio Argüelles, Delegate for the Economy, Innovation and Science Ministry and the director of the Fernando de los Ríos Consortium, Juan Francisco Delgado, presented the Más Digital event, that will include in its time frame two high-level european events: the Open Source World Conference, one of the largest european events that promote a sustainable technological model based on open standards; and the Guadalinfo Dynamizers Meeting, the andalusian public social innovation network.

Antonio Argüelles highlighted the presence in Granada of several entities, companies and organisms that make this city the spotlight for the new technologies realm. Signaling, the Open Source I+D Foundation, a technological center located in the Parque Tecnologico of Granada, nowadays a international reference in the development of products based on free software. Also, pointing out that the University of Granada has one of the most active open source bureaus, and how the andalusian city is the headquarters for the Fernando de los Ríos Consortium, managing entity of the Guadalinfo project, who also are going to held during the Más Digital time frame their annual dynamizers meeting.
Also, the Delegate organized during January 11th an open source and new technologies experts meeting, that met to discuss the role this technological model is going to play in the current economic situation. The meeting, held in the University of Granada, will pro-duce a diagnosis about the current state of Open Source Software in Spain, a document that will set the foundations of the development sector and create new business opportunities around this model.
On his part, Juan Francisco Delgado highlight the relevancy of hosting in Granda an event of this level, that will bring new business and development opportunities to Andalusia through the ICTs. Equally pointing out the importance of this new technologies sector regarding employment creation, emphasizing that this sector creates 5 jobs for each job created by the remaining economic sectors.
The Más Digital event is a unique initiative, unprecedented, where two events that promote boosting the new technologies and the development of the Information Society, join forces to combine opportunities and knowledge, gathering in a single space the best of both initiatives: strategic contents, current times and trends, perspective, exchange of experiences and business development.

The Guadalinfo network is gathering its members under the motto “Innovate+Transform Andalusia”, to share experiences and knowledge related with the work this public social innovation networks does, being present in every andalusian town with a population under 20.000.

The Open Source World Conference, one of the largest european events that promote a technological model based on open standards, being held this year under the motto “An open business”, is going to be a forum and meeting point for professionals of users and suppliers companies of technological services and Public Administrations, and will have a clear orientation towards the business aspect and specially to the possibilities of externalizing markets for the companies of this sector working with free software.

Maintaining this multidisciplinary and constructive approach, around both events, other high-level parallel events are taking place; among them the World Wide Web Consortium (W3W), the Telecentros State Congress, the International Public Software, or the Europe-an Union’s ISA. The synergy obtained from all of these meetings will allow accomplishing a bigger impact and managing a budget coherent with the current economic situation

Lectures, renowned personalities, companies and professionals, dynamizers and public responsibility representatives, will all meet in Granada in both events, that will share some spaces and contents, such as the main lecture, with José Antonio Griñán, president of the Junta de Andalusia, and Nicholas Negroponte, co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of the MIT Media Lab, and responsible for the “a laptop for each children” initiative (OLPC), meant to reduce the digital divide in underdeveloped countries, facilitating children’s access to low cost computers and integrating them in a global society that keeps growing every day thanks to the Internet. Both events can be followed on-line, and are going to have special web spaces and contents for the Network, extending the participation to this event to every person interested even though they can’t be present in Granada.

The Open Source World Conference
Since its beginning in 2004 and after six editions, the OSWC has become a national and international renowned event in the free technology field, gathering representatives of every group interested in the realm of new technologies innovation: users, social agents, developers, open source software communities, businessmen, investors and public responsibilities representatives.

The event is organized by the Junta of Andalusia, through the Economy, Innovation and Science Ministry, and with the support and backing of the Junta of Extremadura and the Reference National Center for Application of Information and Communication Technolo-gies (CENATIC), also counting with the collaboration of businesses of the ICT sector.
In this new edition, and under the motto “An open business”, the Conference will mainly serve as a forum and meeting point for professionals of technological services user and supplier companies and Public Administrations, and is going to have a clear orientation towards the business aspect.
Increasing the exchange of experiences, cooperations and new businesses between the viewers, and offering contents and spaces dedicated to facilitate the participants and the public and private sector professionals networking.
Also, paying special attention to the possibilities of externalizing products and services for the companies that work with open source software. And so, this edition will count with the participation of representatives of the governments of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Perú and Venezuela.
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Guadalinfo Dynamizers Meeting
The Guadalinfo public social innovation network will gather approximately 1.000 profes-sionals in Granada that work in the 756 centers scattered in andalusian towns with less than 20.000 inhabitants and urban areas in risk of exclusion.
The annual dynamizer’s meeting will be held along side the Telecentros State Congress under the motto “Innovate+Transform for Andalusia”, with the goal of exchanging ideas and knowledge around the work carried by the Guadalinfo network, establish cooperation networks, reflect about the initiative’s present and future and set new objectives.
With over 600.000 users that have passed by its centers and a virtual network that ex-ceeds the 700.000, Guadalinfo facilitates the creation and identification of citizen’s ideas, offering tools, connections and training to strengthen them and (thru ICT) accelerate its transforming impact in Andalusia.
The network has already spawned 800 innovative projects based and managed by citi-zens in different fields such as tourism, employment, training, inclusion, environment, web 2.0, sustainability, accessibility and culture.
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