The Open Source World Conference (OSWC) is one of the leading events in Europe for open source technology. After six editions, the OSWC has become a leading national and international conference for open source software, attended by more than 8,000 people at the 2008 edition. Outstanding and prominent speakers such as Tim O'Reilly, Michail Bletsas or Rahaf Harfousch have helped to make it a multidisciplinary and multifaceted event, contributing their perspectives from the world of politics, society, business, academia, science and public administration.


This conference, organized by the regional government of Andalusia, in collaboration with CENATIC and the regional government of Extremadura, and supported by the most prominent companies in the ICT sector, has become a meeting place for anyone interested in innovation in open source software, including users, social agents, developers, business leaders, investors and public sector managers.

Under the slogan “An open business”, the Conference will primarily be a meeting place for professionals from user companies, technology service providers and public administrations. There will be a strong focus on business, especially outsourcing possibilities for companies in the sector that work with open source software.


Plenary sessions

Public authorities and high-level speakers will participate at the Conference, outlining their vision and reflecting on their experiences with open source software and open standards.


National and international speakers will present their proposals, experiences and opinions about the different thematic areas on which this new edition of the Conference will focus.

Round tables

Thematic round tables in which participating speakers will discuss the latest developments and trends in the world of open source software, and will share success stories, experiences and innovative ideas related to this technological model.


The Conference will be a unique occasion for promoting networking opportunities between participants, for doing business, exchanging experiences and ideas in an innovative setting, establishing business models, promoting collaborations and alliances, etc. There will be numerous smaller events to encourage both formal and informal communication between all the professional visitors that attend.

Related Events

Other events related to the world of new technologies and open source software will also be taking place in Granada under the “Más Digital” umbrella, as part of this new edition of the Conference.

Online Conference

You will be able to follow the most important aspects of the event via the OSWC website, aimed at professionals and companies in the open source software sector and from the public administration. For the first time this year, specific content and formats have been planned for the virtual part of the Conference, which will have a more technical focus. These will take place on the afternoon of 13 January, aimed at open source software users and followers that are more interested in the technical aspects rather than commercial implications.

Previous editions

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  • Mérida 2005. Conocimiento Libre. Ver web.
  • Málaga 2006. Innovación y Libertad. Ver web.
  • Badajoz 2007. Un reto para la imaginación.
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  • Cáceres 2009: Nuevo Entorno Económico, Nuevas Oportunidades.